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To everybody who wants to be my friend.

Please read my simple "join rules" here and write me a comment. (You can write to me here, too.)

I will add you back if I read your comment!!!!!

I don't add back such person anymore who isn't able to write me some words.

Please understand me. I want to get to know my friends a little. I only would like to know  your name, age and nationality. (It's not a lot, isn't it?) I don't care where you are from or how old you are.  I add back people from all country in all ages. I'm just curious these things :D

Yeah and if I add you back, please be active. I don't
expect to leave comment in every post, I just want you to give me a comment sometimes (maybe monthly). Because if you don't do this thing, I will think you aren't curious about my posts. And maybe I will delete you, even I hate delete people from my friend list and I haven't done it yet, but maybe I will say goodbye to some too passive people in the near future.

Then I'm  waiting for your comments....(^____^)

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Gifs from Arashi no Waza-ari part 1.

I have made some Sakuraiba gifs from Arashi no Waza - Ari, because I love this show and I miss Sakuraiba couple.  I want a Himitsu no Arashi - chan (VIP room) episode with them.

I hope you will enjoy them :D

       Arashi no Waza - Ari 15. /2004.07.10 /:

       What shall we cook today, Sho - chan?

                I want to gobble you up ;)

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